We are a data recovery company established in 2006, working this job at professional level with all equipment and knowledge needed to resolve most of data recovery problems with hard disks, USB flash drives, memory cards etc.

hard disk

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If your hard disk is not recognized or clicking, probably we can fix it to save data, and our prices are lowest in Europe, so you can send devices or media to us and get a free diagnostics. Price range is from 50-150€ for serious problems. Backup media is not included.

Problems we can solve:

  • hard disk dead
  • hard disk starting but not recognized
  • hard disk clicking
  • partitions not visible or not accessible
  • hard disk firmware bad
  • partition formatted
  • files deleted
  • USB flash broken
  • USB flash not recognized
  • USB flash formatted
  • SD card formatted
  • SD card data deleted

and many more.

Other than Serbian, you can contact us on English, German and Russian via email or Skype.


  • +381 11 3130 129
  • +381 62 137 35 97

Skype: xelart.beograd

Email: office (a) spasavanje-podataka . info


Xelart Holdings d.o.o.

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