Data recovery services

We are professional data recovery company situated in Belgrade, Serbia. Our knowledge and hi-tech equipment enables us to recover data in most cases from hard disks, SSD, USB flash drives and memory cards. Equipment from Dolphin data labs is well recognized in professional data recovery industry, so we are proud to be a part of it.

Data recovery from hard disk or SSD
Data recovery from Micro SD Card
Data recovery from USB flash drive

If your hard disk is not recognized, or it has bad sectors or it’s formatted, there is a good chance that we can save your data. Our data recovery prices are probably lowest in Europe, so you can send us devices or media and get a free diagnostics. Send us email first to try to figure out if we can save your data, so if we confirm, you can send us device for recovery.

Data recovery price range is 100-200€ in most cases. We don’t include a backup media, but we can send online up to 100 GB of data after payment.

We accept crypto payment (BitCoin, Ethereum, USDC etc.), and also cash, PayPal or Skrill.

Data recovery solutions

  • dead hard disk
  • hard disk is starting, but it’s not recognized
  • partitions not visible or not accessible
  • bad hard disk firmware
  • partition formatted
  • files deleted
  • broken USB flash drive
  • USB flash not recognized
  • USB flash formatted
  • SD card formatted
  • SD card data deleted

and many more.

You can contact us in English, and also in German and Serbian.


  • Landline +381 11 3130 129
  • Mobile & Viber +381 64 306 7070

Working hours:

Monday to Friday 9-17h

Email: office (a) spasavanje-podataka . info


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